The Blind Side Character Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Memory- Mike had a stereotype of white people; the stereotype was that they were stuck up and not genuine. When the family took him in, his perception was reconstructed.
Recall- By the end of the movie Mike was grateful for his new life and opportunities presented in front of him. Even after his doubts of the Touhy's intentions for him, after he recalled their past generosities, he reconstructed his memory and what was truly meaningful for him. 2. The Blindside consisted of many conflicts for Mike. Whether it was cultural or gender, they would all relate back to interpersonal conflicts. A specific conflict would be his lack of self perception of his purpose for life. When Mike writes notes stating how dumb he is, and lacks motivation to find a home and chooses to sleep outside in the rain. Interpersonally, Mike was down in the dumps.
A relationship conflict could be directed towards his mother. Mikes mom was a drug addict who lost all concern for him; this really affected his overall interpersonal
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Styles of Leadership:
The Traits Approach- In reference to the traits approach for leadership, in my eyes, S.J. demonstrated great leadership abilities to Mike. When Mike was lost and confused in the beginning of the movie, instead of shying away, S.J. talked to him and showed in the proper way to act, talk, and even dress. When Mike started to play football, he understood the need to address Mike’s physical shape and demanded that he began to train properly.
The Functional Approach- Mike’s football coach tried to coach Mike the same as every other player without understanding that Mike was unique and needed to be approached and taught in a different manner. When Mike was struggling understanding the concept of the game, the coach figured he was useless, but if he had taken another approach he would have understood earlier how much of an impact Mike could have.
The Transformational Approach- The Blindside was based off Mrs. Touty ability to transform Mike from outcast to future role model. Every action she took was beneficial to Mike, whether it being coaching, offering tutoring, or providing housing- all had an effect on Mike’s self awareness and

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