The Blind Side By Langston Hughes Essay

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The whole idea of overcoming obstacles, helping others and the stereotypes that are produced by concepts such as socio-economic inequality, are critical aspects to consider, when exploring the extensive similarities in the social context of “the Blind Side”, as well as in renowned Langston Hughes poetry. Both the “Blind Side” and Langston Hughes poetry both focus on complementary social contexts, in this case, a Capitalist society built upon the stigmatization of certain races and groups. A specific stigma for example would be, Black African Americans being considered inferior and “lower class” to White Americans, hence adhering to this whole theme and idea of socio-economic inequality in the two social contexts. Ideal poems to consider, (from poet Langston Hughes) when comparing the set film “the Blind Side” (directed by John Lee Hancock), are Mother to Son as well as Let America Be America Again. Respectively, certain aspects of the Blind Side, and Let America Be America Again share the common theme of “Socio-Economic-Inequality,” and the stereotypes that are built upon this inequality.
The Blind Side, as well as the poem Let America be America Again, are great pieces of work to study when looking at the existence of socio-economic inequality, and how this idea of stereotypes create this social inequality. In the film, the Blind Side, Hancock uses an editing technique of montage, by showcasing various clips of Michael Oher (main protagonist) in a car backseat, driving…

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