Essay about The Blind Side By Langston Hughes

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“Well, son, I 'll tell you:
Life for me ain 't been no crystal stair.” – Langston Hughes

This verse from Langston Hughes’ poem “Mother to Son,” highlights the struggles of the African Americans and how the Harlem Renaissance evolved their community through music, dance and literature. Hughes contributed towards the renaissance through his poems which allowed people to understand the position of African Americans at the time and allowed them to relate to him. He discusses the subjects of ‘overcoming obstacles’ and ‘helping others’ in his poems, “As I Grew Older” and “Mother to Son”, which also correlates to the movie “The Blind Side”. “The Blind Side” (directed by John Lee Hancock) is set in Memphis, Tennessee in the year 2003. There are a wide variety of similarities in the themes of these two different pieces of literature. The themes that will be discussed are “Individuals who inspire” and “taking action”.

There is always someone in the world that is there to inspire us. For Hughes, that was his mother. In his poem, “Mother to Son”, Hughes writes
‘For I 'se still goin ', honey,
I 'se still climbin ',
And life for me ain 't been no crystal stair.’ Hughes tries to elaborate the fact that his mother had such a hard path to travel but she never gave up or gave in and continued pushing and struggling. He does this by repeating the line, ‘And life for me ain 't been no crystal stair.’ His mother also tells him that because…

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