Blighted Hope Poem

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An analysis of the Blighted Hopes by Leona Florentino
The first quatrain in the poem stated by the following “What gladness! Oh, what joy!... Is given to one who loves… For there is someone to share… In all his suffering and pain.” Is a one sentence statement. The emotion portrayed by the first quatrain started strong through the use of exclamatory sentence. “What gladness!” is further emphasized by the words that follow it “Oh, what joy!” which seems to indicate that the persona of the poem is actually feeling extremely happy. The next line “Is given to one who loves” shows that it dovetails the first statement. This line started with the linking verb “is” that connects the first statement to the second statement. This means that such joy
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Shall I curse the hour Of my birth? Would it not have been A thousand times better If I had died at birth?” The first four lines is a one sentence statement. This portrays a feeling of disappointment and self-pity. Even if I did love, means that the persona actually has done love. However, there is a self-reflection that follows as stated by the lines “The beauty I desire I know I can never be Of any worth to her.” It means that even if the persona gave or experienced giving love, he knows that the love he gave will never account anything in the person he loves. The line “shall I curse the hour of my birth?” portrays to himself. The pronouns used are I and my which gives a notion that the persona is actually referring to himself. He raised a question and let the readers answer. It also means that, given the reason that he already knew that he is worthless to her, he is thinking of cursing the hour of his birth- in the deeper sense, cursing anyone and anything related to his life. The disappointment he has went larger when the lines “would it not have been a thousand times better if I had died at birth?” appeared. Another question was raised by him which correlates to what he previously asked. This states that it is much better for him if he died during his birth rather than experiencing extreme sadness and …show more content…
The answer is “You”. It means that, in spite of all these hardships, all these rejections, the persona is still happy because it is “you” he loves. That gives a soothing comfort that the persona is happy that he was able to find and love you. “For you alone, I make this vow” indicates that the persona is actually making a commitment to the person he loves. That single person, is where he gives his pledge. And this pledge was identified by the next and final line “I would lay down my life for you” which means that he is willing to give up his life for that specific

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