The Black White Men Of Color Essay

1302 Words May 5th, 2016 null Page
Despite issues within the African American community, some white people and other people of color have a more favorable view of darker skin tones. Some commenters, in the documentary, who had darker skin tones described going to other countries and people of color practically gawking over how beautiful they were. There were also a few white men who described how their African American wives were beautiful and did not have any negative connotations with her darker skin tone. The pivotal part occurred when one of the white men who were in an interracial marriage asked his father about marrying an African American woman. His father stated that as long as she was pretty, he did not care. This comment could be viewed as a microagression. Lewis and Neville (2015) described microaggressions as subtle verbal and non-verbal remarks made by the dominant group that put down the marginalized group. These remarks are made without malevolent intention because there is not much forethought put into the remark. The father’s remark was said in a nonchalant and nearly joyous way perhaps because his father was approving of his relationship. On the contrary, there was no consideration of how his remark implies how beauty is the most important aspect of choosing a partner outside of his son’s ethnicity. Also, this question and remark would not have come about if they were talking about white women. Lewis and Neville (2015) describe intersectionality theory as the best way to study…

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