The Black Sheep Of The Flock Essay

1939 Words Dec 8th, 2016 8 Pages
Ever since I was young I have always happened to find myself being the black sheep of the flock; I was always the one left out, the odd one of the group. I was the youngest of my two brothers and also happened to be the quietest. Growing up wasn’t easy for my family and I since my mother was a single mother of 3 and had no one else to support her. You might be thinking “what about your father?” well my mother left him right before I was born due to the fact that he was abusive to my mother and siblings, an alcoholic, and wanted to include my mother in illegal activities he was committing. So as one can assume my mother spent most of her time working just to support her three children and keep us in school. Growing up in school wasn’t easy for me either, I tended to be tormented and bullied for how reserved I was towards other people and would always keep to myself. It was no different at home, you see my brothers loved to spend time with each other, but would never want to include me, they’d go out of their way to bully, torment, and since my mother was never really home till about midnight sometimes even abuse me. So as you can imagine I grew up isolated with a mother who constantly worked and was completely oblivious to everything that happened at home and two brothers who genuinely resented me for it believing it was my fault mother was always gone. There were times when I’d try to read my problems away but even in my land of books… I’d get to see mothers tucking their…

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