Essay The Black Quarterback Syndrome Class

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Norman Davis’ book , the Black Quarterback Syndrome class presentation heighten some awareness in the way organizations conducted their business in a different era. Today, some pioneers tend to experience similar behavior. In the interest of preventing Davis’ (2010) definition of the black quarterback syndrome for pioneers, organizations need to promote diversity. For the purpose to include many people who are different from one another, without taking into account the multitude of problems that diversity brings (Thatcher, Jehn & Zanutto, 2003). Having personally experience some BQS, with evidence from my former supervisor along with some internal feelings, I come to believe that today there are many improvements in the workforce. However, organizations should invest in adding Multicultural trainings into their on-going innovating training if not don’t so. I’m glad to know that my organization is ahead of many organizations as they already promote diversity with some trainings such as Culture Competence, Human Sexuality and having a Multicultural Committee that share various awareness throughout the organization. This was prompted and offered due to the variety of people we come in contact with for the services we provide. However, we still have our own internal biases in regards to gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation up to cultures that we withhold from others especially among our coworkers.

To support the need of awareness with our internal differences and…

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