The Black People Are Myths Essay

1675 Words Dec 21st, 2016 7 Pages
The moment that black people were forced into slavery they lost their status as humans. As Sun Ra said, “they’re not real and they don’t exist. If they did exist his people [blacks] wouldn 't be seeking equal rights. If they did exist they would have some status among the nations of the world. Black people are myths.” This radical idea gives importance and representation to a race that has forever been a minority. Afrofuturism as a whole, works to “demonstrate a substantive historical presence.” The posthuman, specifically, represents the body and being of black people, since society had denied them status as humans. Posthumanism shows that, while human bodies usually progress in a linear fashion, black bodies exploit science by transcending time and spacial restraints. Afrofuturist works such as the films Stranger Days and Brother from Another Planet and the Terence Nance videos, work to give posthumanism another dimension by positioning blacks as superhuman beings, posing the image that they are both more than human and less than human at the same time. Posthumans are everything but human. They don’t simply come after humans as their name might imply, but instead have to do with their relationship and place in society. As history shows, black people have always been a minority discriminated against. Because of that they haven 't been able to progress as a hegemonic society might have. Their existence on earth is non-linear, being both treated as inferior and as…

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