Essay on The Black Panthers And Social Justice

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Moral panic can be defined in many different ways. One way where “Moral panic” can be better understood is by defining it as a concept as panic, fear, morals and/or “a state intervention greatly exceed the objectives threat posed to society by a particular individual or group” (Bonn Scott, Psychology today). It can also be defining as ideology of what’s wrong and and right beliefs. Like discussed in class, moral panics can be presented in both ideology and social justice. Although Professor Palakoff explained ideology and social justice, idealogy plays a bigger role to the understanding of the film “The black panthers”. Ideology is a hierarchy in other words the dominate culture, where white privileges are encouraging, material becomes an important aspect to the way you are perceived to other people and media and public play a big role in this concept. Which makes an important concept to the way the black panthers were perceived back in the 1960’s. The black Panthers during the 1960’s and 1970’s was group of minorities who fought for the right of freedom and better opportunity for people of color. The black panthers were perceived as a group of young saviors for most people. Their goal was to provide people with a better future and to help out single mothers by providing food and after school activities for the children. They were young, but wanted to change the system, they wanted to do something positive. But even then people with higher authority tried anything…

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