The Black Panther Party Essay

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The Black Panther Party is classified by a majority as a revolutionary black nationalist group, and by others, just a unorganized violent gang because of the use of self defense. There was nothing rebellious or threatening about what the party set out to achieve. Many did not understand the Panthers, because in all honesty, they were very intimidating. The way they Panthers dressed in all black was very horrifying and a tactic in itself to intimidate the police. The whole purpose was to look demeaning to law enforcements in hopes of frightening them from carrying out bad deeds, which they deemed right and justifiable. With doing so, that tactic carried out a perception of violence to the society. The public didn 't understand that the BPP apparel was meant as a way to give a warning in order, to prevent a conflict. Everything the Party did was done strategically and had more of a purpose than creating violence. Another reason for their altered view from society was that the Party stressed the issue of always have a legal gun on them at all times and often exposing it. They utilized their knowledge of the California gun law and the 2nd amendment that permitted the use of guns. The use of guns and the knowledge that someone has a gun can be very intimidating. So since the Panthers carried around guns, the police officers felt insecure and felt the need to show dominance. Because the officials were allowed to have and use guns, they felt empowered and showed the authority by…

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