The Black Panther Party : Compelling, Impactful, And Unapologetic

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The Black Panther Party: Compelling, Impactful, and Unapologetic In a speech, Black Panthers co-founder Huey Newton stated, “We use the Black Panther as our symbol because of the nature of a panther. The panther does not initially strike anyone… but when but when the aggressor continues, he will strike out” (The Black Panthers). The Civil Rights era brought forth many prominent black leaders and activists groups, but the wounds of prejudice were still wide open for many African Americans. Peaceful protests and marches did not cure the sting of police brutality and unequal opportunity. A new group emerged with a different mindset, ready to take action. The Black Panther Party was not primitive; it was an outcry for change in response to centuries of slavery, oppression, and discrimination against African Americans. The political group marked a new generation of activists. The Black Panther Party’s fierce beliefs, positive effects on society, and an audacious image prove how effective they were in creating a revolutionary movement. Human rights activist Malcolm X was assassinated February 21st, 1965 (“Malcom X Assassinated”). Despite his death, his message still blazed in the hearts of many, including the Black Panther Party co-founders Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. Many of the club’s beliefs were deeply rooted in the words of the late Malcolm
X. Filled with inspiration and motivation, Newton and Seale started the Black Panther Party in 1966. The BPP had its humble…

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