Essay on The Black Of Black Personhood

1458 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
The Black personhood as created brought one of the most compelling culture in history to these Americas. Over and over again, even within the mist of destruction, the black family out lasted every cause. Their natural ability to showcase their style and intent to maintain despite the trouble, even greater-than-other cultures. Remember; the African Europe war, Slavery and the Underground Railroad, and civil rights period. Even today with black life being shot down, choked and schemed upon, the black culture still remains strong to outwit the destructive use laid before them. Black families from the foundations of this nation became important players once they entered the colonies. Their blend of color uniquely qualified them to share the American ecumenism towards a common need in developing freedoms. This well-developed nature helped African-blacks build kingdoms, manage the wonders of a paramount society. Added science, math and history to the world in its sagaciousness. All of these came through the web of deliberate actions blacks brought to these shores due to their common triangulations of relationship with other nations prior, which supported the larger emotional system of a stable African family environment. Moreover, by abandoning its strength to the collective family, blacks have now become non-involved and anti-social to its true identity within its culture. This false “odd man out” position grew naturally out of rebellion, and now…

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