Essay The Black Man 's House, By Elizabeth B. Browning

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For centuries, African Americans have been seen as inferior to the white man. For example, in Elizabeth B. Browning’s poem she uses the reference, “[f]rom the white man’s house, and the black man’s hut” (Browning XXV 1). African Americans have always been discriminated against and looked down upon as a lower class. Between the Civil Rights Movement and now, racism has evolved immensely in different ways in places such as: schools, churches, and other public places. The United States has moved forward profoundly, from African Americans being separated in almost every public place, to now being intermingled in all of these places. Although racism is not as rampant and physical as it used to be, it is still happening but in different forms. There are a couple of contributing factors to racism that keep feeding it instead of getting rid of it , all of which kids are around almost all day every day. Racism does not seem to be ending in the near future, but there can always be less of it and with a little bit of change in American homes, be abolished. Segregation has changed significantly in schools since the Civil Rights Movement. Before, African Americans were segregated from whites on buses, in the bathrooms and even separate water fountains. All of this contributed to racial tension between the students in schools making them think and look differently of each other. Even after the bathrooms and other utilities were not segregated, the racism did not die down so quickly. It…

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