The Black Male Of Black Female Essay

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Women in history have been pushed to the back for the male-eccentric viewpoint, often times having their side of their story ignored. Slavery, like other historical events often times display a male-eccentric stand, focusing on the unfortunate and heinous occurrences that black male slaves received. However, slavery targeted both male and female Africans yet black female discussions are lacking across multiple platforms. Although most history books, movies, and documentaries, have spoken about the hardships black male slaves have endured, closer examinations have shown that female black slaves were subjugated to crimes equal or at times worse than their male counterparts due to both misogyny and racism that plagued their lives.

What makes the lives of black female slaves a bit harder than the black male slaves was the contribution to both physical labor seen outside at plantations and the emotional work they endured inside the homes of their masters. Female black slaves were key components of slavery in America and other countries as well. Black female slaves were essential for rice and cotton plantations making up about 60 percent of farmhand in plantations. Even at the young age of four young black female slaves were pushed for work, either working out in the plantations or inside the home, alongside young black male slaves. The role of a female in the time of slavery is complex, they were farmhands but also expected to take care of their master’s home and show care…

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