The, Black Love, And Popular Films Essay

1330 Words Jun 22nd, 2015 6 Pages
As an actor, I 'm always on the quest to find substance in the things I perform and a specific connection to me as a person. I 'm constantly looking for some sort of relation into text I read so that I could be able to portray a character more accurately. However, this is hard for me because I 'm yet to come to terms fully understand who I am as a person. That being said, “Black love” to me is a constant evolving term that is hard to find in forms of literature, music, and popular films. I 'm constantly challenging the normative constructions of society and have chosen to define black Love in my own way. There cannot be an objective definition of black love because there is no objective definition of being black. My definition of being black is different; I was born to two Nigerian immigrants, raised in a white neighborhood, and attended an international school. This is different because I do not have just one culture to pin my values to. Instead, I have a plethora of values and cultures within me that help me define what Black love is. To me, Black love is a blank slate, constantly being filled out with an infinite amount of pages and questions that need to be answered. It would have to be the same for any other person, because they have their own stories as to what makes them black. As previously stated, I have many cultures that I can relate to. I believe that I 'm more than just black. There are times that I cannot relate to the African American experience, but can…

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