The Black Lives Matters Of America Essay

1697 Words Apr 30th, 2016 7 Pages
It is thought by some people that there is still a race issue in America. America has evolved from slavery and discrimination, but remnants of the past still seem to rear their ugly heads in less obvious, or more socially acceptable forms. The issue I’m currently developing branches from the “Black Lives Matters” movement that has been going strong since recent years. Trayvon Martin’s case, amongst many similar and recent cases has fueled a fire for justice for blacks and other disadvantaged social groups. Ideas on how belonging to a particular racial group may affect one’s life includes the belief that every man is equal; not color but a person’s action determine their situation. Inversely, there is also the belief that in America, depending on the skin color you were born with there are some predisposed advantages, or disadvantages. In relation to the two prior beliefs, there is also the idea that stereotypes can positively or negatively affect different racial groups. If it is said that America has a race problem, it’s also said that America is the land of opportunity. Every person is entitled to their own personal white picket fence as long as they’re willing to put in the work for it. Although “the typical white family has roughly 20 times the wealth of the median black or Latino family” stated by Kellogg, every piece of wealth is earned and is not necessarily because they are white. The odds for success are just as much for black men and women. Examples of the…

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