Essay about The Black Lives Matter Movement

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The black lives matter movement that has been in the news is a major social movement since Mike Brown was shot in Ferguson, Missouri. Since that event, there have been many spin-offs to the black lives matter cause. White lives matter, blue lives matter, and Hispanic lives matter. This has become a more divisive idea instead of being a cause that can invoke change. Given my background and personal experience, all live matter; even the ones that wear bulletproof vests and guns on their hip.
People see the issue of the police using force from many different aspects. Depending upon ones upbringing, exposure to police authority, and real-life experiences, a person’s belief will have prejudice. I know that I certainly am prejudice. I pray to God every day that my father comes home from his patrol safely. I saw him every day of my life put on his bullet proof vest, and yes, put his gun on his hip to go to work. A bad day at work for him is more than a meeting gone badly or budget issues. Somebody loses a life. I hope that no officer has to pay the ultimate sacrifice, nor should they go through the trauma of having to make the split second decision to take a life.
There are probably very few people that did not see the newscasts regarding Officer Darren Wilson shooting Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Upon reviewing the facts of the case, the Grand Jury refused to indict Officer Wilson for Mr. Brown’s death. They stated that the shooting was justified and the officer acted in…

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