The Black Lives Matter Movement Essay

1194 Words Sep 16th, 2016 5 Pages
America was built on the idea of equal rights for all, but for many people in the Land of the Free, equality is still an unattainable goal of the American Dream. In recent years, discord among Black Americans and White Americans has been steadily intensifying, resulting in the development of the Black Lives Matter movement, often abbreviated as BLM. The Black Lives Matter movement, similar to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, is an outcry from Black Americans calling for racial equality and an end to the senseless oppression of African Americans. Yet, due to the concept of white privilege, the belief that white people have fewer struggles and added advantages in daily American society, Caucasian Americans are unable to understand the importance of, and need for, the Black Lives Matter movement. Therefore, the main adversary of the Black Lives Matter movement is not white people, but is rather the inhibiting concept of white privilege. In order to bring about the success of the Black Lives Matter movement, the social concept of white privilege must be targeted and destroyed.
Many may argue that holding the concept of white privilege, rather than white people, at fault for the oppression of African Americans, wrongfully and unwisely absolves citizens of taking responsibility for perpetuating racial injustice. However, contrary to this assertion, targeting white privilege raises awareness of black oppression, increasing the responsibility of Americans to respond and…

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