The Black Lives Matter Movement Essay

1115 Words Jul 26th, 2016 5 Pages
Throughout the world the issue of police brutality has surfaced. Thus the time has come, where African Americans, and people across the world must stand for what is right. The Black Lives Matter movement is paving the way for global equality in the United States, which is vital for the country to achieve for the sake of future generations. Black Lives Matter was created in 2012 after the death of Treyvon Martin. As the picture above illustrates the Black Lives Matter movement has gained support from an abundance of people. All people of different races united for the same common cause, justice for all people especially African Americans. Black lives matter is not a hate group, but a group of individuals of all races, fighting for the liberation of the black community. Although, minorities may be under the impression that they are free, all minorities are still being held captive. Even though most minorities may have the freedom of movement they lack basic human rights. The black lives matter movement is a vital piece for achieving equality for all minorities. Unlike the Black Panthers there is no violence. The under privileged minorities must address the inevitable and put an end to these countless killings.
As you can see on the picture above is written Justice for Mike Brown. While every man is innocent until proven guilty, every man doesn’t make it to the courtyard. With that being said there has been a plethora of innocent men killed in the past four years. A…

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