The Black Lives Matter Movement

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Throughout the world the issue of police brutality has surfaced. Thus the time has come, where African Americans, and people across the world must stand for what is right. The Black Lives Matter movement is paving the way for global equality in the United States, which is vital for the country to achieve for the sake of future generations. Black Lives Matter was created in 2012 after the death of Treyvon Martin. As the picture above illustrates the Black Lives Matter movement has gained support from an abundance of people. All people of different races united for the same common cause, justice for all people especially African Americans. Black lives matter is not a hate group, but a group of individuals of all races, fighting for the liberation …show more content…
Etched in the back of every African American male’s mind is a picture of Treyvon martin. The police are scared of minorities as a result of their negligent actions. George Zimmerman was not a cop. America is walking a tight rope between just and unjust we must all unite as one force. Black lives matter the most when the people who names are spoken about are alive. Then the minority culture has something to live for. Although we may be set in our own ways we need to educate our youth. A child may ask “Mommy, what does nigger mean? (Naylor 481)”. Even though we may act like racism doesn’t exist it surrounds us. Sadly, our youth are the ones that will suffer not us. Furthermore, there will be ignorant people who label black lives matter as a hate group. They will be surprised that the supporters of this movement come from different backgrounds. As a result of the movement thousands of people of different shapes and sizes united under one common goal which is equality for all. The main support comes from people who aren’t black. They will be heard because their pigmentation is lighter than those who are being shot down in cold blood. All minorities receive discrimination on a daily basis. Whether it’s being followed in a local store or put in hand cuffs for walking down the street. The movement is all for justice as long as everyone has an equal opportunity. There is no discrimination in the movement no matter if your black or white. Black lives always mattered. Essentially the ones who are doing the killing are the ones who aren’t comfortable in their own skin. While many may believe it’s only happening to black people their mistaken. Abuse of power in our legal system is exercised everywhere in the U.S. Continuously we hear everyone speak out on the sadness of the event but there is never any action done to fix it. The

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