The Black Lives Matter Movement Essay

951 Words Nov 28th, 2016 4 Pages
For many years now, Beyoncé has been thought of as the queen of pop and hip hop music. Since her split from her former girl group, Destiney’s Child in 2003, Beyoncé has been releasing songs that speak to female empowerment, feminism, and issues of race. Her song Formation, along with the corresponding music video, debuted on February 6th, 2016. Many have considered Formation to be an anthem of 2016, speaking about the issues of race that are often glossed over in pop culture. Formation uses both visuals as well as lyrics to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, and the controversial topic of police brutality in America, the city of New Orleans, post hurricane Katrina, and also touches on body positivity and the representation of people of colour in the media. The video opens with Beyoncé standing on top of a New Orleans police car, which is half submerged in water, and ends with both the car and Beyoncé sinking into the water. This is one of the many references to the Black Lives Matter movement, and the rising issue of police brutality in America. The producers of the video could have placed Beyoncé on top of any car, but the police car was chosen for specific reasons. In 2015, approximately 102 unarmed, African American people were killed by members of the police force . This clip, along with the shot of the wall with graffiti that reads “stop shooting us” are symbolic images, stating Beyoncé’s alliance with the Black Lives Matter Movement. There is once…

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