Essay on The Black Friday Triggered The Great Depression

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In 1929, the notorious Black Thursday triggered the Great Depression, which was an economic downturn in the US during the 20th century. Two long-term causes of the depression were the Dust Bowl that led to agricultural downfall and the decline of consumerism that led to the crash of companies and employment. In 1928, Hoover was elected. However, when the depression started, Hoover did not bolster his failing nation because of his own beliefs, which were rugged individualism which is how citizens should be independent of government handouts, voluntary cooperation in which workers and managers will voluntarily work together, and the cycling of ups and downs of economy which is how when the economy goes down it will go back up. The depression continued on until FDR was elected. He was eager the solve the nation 's problems through the New Deal, which are made of three principles: reform, relief, and recovery. The New Deal was a success because it helped the failing economy as well as the impoverished people as well.

The New Deal that FDR implemented helped preserve the wellbeing of the American citizens. The National Youth Administration gave jobs to young people, who in turn received relief from the program. According to Helen Farmer who received work from NYA, teenagers had the chance to work and receive a salary as well as relief that met the demands of mothers. (Document 1) Before the New Deal, teenagers were unsupported and parents suffered not only from hunger and…

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