The Black Family And The American Family Essay

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Originating during slavery, the African American family is an institution that has encountered an abounding amount of obstacles for centuries. Yet, since the 1960s, there has been a rapid decrease in the black family. Three theorist who examined the African American family were E. Franklin Frazier, Daniel Moynihan, and H. Gutman. Frazier’s was the first to examine the black family’s characteristics and the cause for its slow decline; Moynihan echoed Frazier and provided data to support his claims, but, Gutman held ideas unlike the others. However, all of these theories were before mass incarcerations that have led to the decline of the African American family. Sociologist E. Franklin Frazier presented the first theory on the black family. In his book, The Negro Family in the United States, Frazier describes the African American family as being a matriarchal unit that was disorganized during slavery, and further dissolved by urbanization. Frazier believed that the black family is matriarchal because of slavery. Frazier describes enslaved women as being the head of their cabins (58).Women held this position because they were the only parent in the cabin, as fathers were sold off. In addition, Frazier saw the African American family as being a disorderly institution from its inception. Frazier claimed that casual sex was the norm during slavery. Enslaved men had sexual desires in which they were desperate to fulfill (Frazier 24). However, once this lust was satisfied there…

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