The Black Death : The Intimate Story Of A Village Essay

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John Hatcher’s “The Black Death: The intimate story of a Village in Crisis, 1345-1350”, Book Review
With the innovation of John Hatcher’s, The Black Death: The intimate story of a Village in Crisis, 1345-1350, he attempts to present an invented view of an English village during the pestilence of 1349. Using the archaeological process of theories as a basis, Hatcher’s micro historical approach to the black plague is quite important based on the exploration of new theories that adhere to the historian’s methodology. This, however, is not enough to allow the narrative to stand up to historical analysis, instead it is much better suited to introduce a new audience and a new way of analysing the black plague.
John Hatcher’s example of microhistory is quite effective in immersing the reader into the world of the Black Plague and through his book we are able to see an invented but accurately portrayed use of microhistory that adheres to many of the conventions of archaeological theory. The justification of hatcher for his micro historical approach is recounted in his lecture at Stanford university about his book, “The dominating historiography of the black death is a broad description of the progression of the pestilence across the known world and then an assessment of the long term impact. Yet reconstructing the history of a single place can be very revealing, impose many significant new questions…” Here, the justification stands out, as he wanted to create new questions and in…

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