The Black Death And The Great Plague Essay

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After the Mongols conquest in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries a vast empire emerged that bought stability to the Eurasian trade. Europe experienced great harvest during the thirteenth century but was later met by disastrous events. The great plague also known as The Black Death is said to have originated in Asia and spread throughout Europe with the facilitated long-distance trade that the Mongols brought under a single rule. This disease was carried by flea-infested rats which would infect their victims causing them death in a short amount of time. Towards the mid-fourteenth century it became the most devastating natural disaster in European history. The Black Death in Europe caused social, political and cultural chaos. This disease resulted in a collapse of population and led to an economic depression. The population decline benefited peasants making the strong and healthy workers more valuable. Their labor and skills were in great demand thus allowing them to negotiate and demand better wages. This led to increase in capita wealth. The Black Death ultimately led to changes in business and trade specifically in places like Florence Italy.
The Age of the Renaissance was considered an age of rebirth after the late middle ages which were filled with chaos and disaster. It was a cultural movement that began in Florence Italy which later spread throughout Europe between the fourteenth and seventeenth century. Humanists emerged with ideas from ancient Greeks and Romans.…

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