The Black Death And Bubonic Plague During The Elizabethan Era

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Alchin, Linda. "The Black Death & Bubonic Plague during the Elizabethan Era." Bubonic Plague. Siteseen Ltd, June 2015. Web. 14 Apr. 2016.
This source gave me an insight on the Black Death specifically during the Elizabethan Era. It also explained what people did to prevent it. Watchmen were used to give food to the sick people in “plague houses”, and they also made sure that no one entered or escaped from the house to prevent the illness from spreading. They were also given the job to transport the dead bodies in “death carts” to be put in mass graves. Because of this danger present in this job, the watchmen were well paid. But because the job made contracting the disease very easy, many of the people who were able to do the job died out. Women and children were then forced to do the job. If they refused to, they would be punished. Plague doctors used medieval techniques such as blood-letting as an unsuccessful method of ridding people of the disease. Many of their techniques did not work, so controlling the spread of the Plague was impossible. Other factors leading to the spread of the plague include bad hygiene, lack of a good sewage system, and narrow crowded roads. This source seems credible, but some of the facts may be wrong, as there are no sources given

"Black Death." A&E Television Networks, 01 Jan. 2010. Web. 17 Apr. 2016.
In the article “Black Death”, History highlights the fact that people thought the Plague was God’s punishment because they were…

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