The Black Community : A Community Suffering A Lack Of Freedom And A Better Life

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Here in beautiful America, where the land was first walked upon by people looking for a better life and to have freedom, there is a community suffering a lack of freedom and a better life because of the pigment of their skin. This group is the Black Community. In sweet America young innocent African AMERICAN male’s lives have been taken away by white AMERICAN males. Families are losing fathers, brothers, cousins and friends by people who can hide behind a badge, those people are called police. For example Laquan McDonald from Chicago was young and innocent and is now dead. According to CNN News, Van Dyke, the officer who violently murdered young McDonald claimed that McDonald was walking toward him, but many people including officers said McDonald was not walking towards him. Van Dyke didn’t just shoot McDonald once, he shot him 16 times, “McDonald 's autopsy found he was shot once on each side of his chest and suffered single bullet wounds in the scalp and neck, two in his back, seven in his arms, one in his right hand and two in his right leg. According to the report, nine of the 16 entrance wounds had a downward or slightly downward trajectory” (Chicago). Van Dyke did get 20 years and charged with 1st degree murder, but unlike Van Dyke, McDonald won’t be coming home again, his mother instead will be going to a graveyard to visit her son whose life was violently taken away because a badge decided that her son’s life was worth nothing.
August 9,2014 another young black…

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