Essay about The Black Collar Industry Decline

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Over the years we have seen the number of union memberships decrease and we have also seen the wages of employees decrease too. In the 1950’s when the Teamsters were at their full strength, the wages and union membership numbers were at their highest point in American history. After Kennedy and others exposed the corruptions inside of unions, membership numbers have declined every year. Most people believe that the blue-collar industry decline is the main reason for that, but corruption by union leaders could also be a reason people don’t want to join a union. In this paper I will summarize the Enemy Within book, talk about some of the facts that I found interesting, and then I will talk about the effects this investigation had on labor unions throughout history. First, the book Enemy Within, is about the investigation of improper activity within the Teamsters Union by unions officials. From the investigation we learn that multiple union officials were involved in various crimes involving money, racketeering, fraud, and others crimes. The book begins with Robert Kennedy explaining how he began to investigate the unions. He was first friends with people of the union and his close connections helped him compile evidence against the union leaders. While on his investigation we see that the union isn’t as unified as we thought they were. There were people reflecting the blame towards other just to save their own selves from prosecution. We also see that the unions were heavily…

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