Essay on The Black Cat By Edgar Allen Poe

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According to Robert Evans in The Kid Stays in that Picture, “There are three sides to every story: my side, your side and the truth. And no one is lying. Memories shared serve each one differently” ( The two sides of a story and the truth relates to Edgar Allen Poe’s short story The Black Cat. In The Black Cat, the unnamed narrator demonstrates unreliable narration. In The Black Cat, the unnamed narrator shows characteristics of unreliable narrator: weak reasoning, weak sense of morality and isolation through his actions. To begin, by trying to prove that the unnamed narrator is not crazy, the narrator demonstrates weak reasoning. In the scene where he kills Pluto, the cat, the mystery character demonstrates weak reasoning. “I took from my waistcoat - pocket a pen-knife, opened it, grasped the poor beast by the throat, and deliberately cut one of its eyes from the socket! I blush, I burn, I shudder, while I pen the damnable atrocity” (Poe 2). In this scene, the unnamed narrator shows weak reasoning when killing Pluto. He clearly shows that he will get nothing good out of killing the cat. By killing the cat for no reason, this shows that he acts without thinking portraying the qualities of an unreliable narrator. Aside from killing Pluto with a knife, he kills another pet showing weak reasoning. “One morning, in cool blood, I slipped a noose about its neck and hung it to the limb of a tree; -hung it with tears streaming from my eyes, and with the bitterest…

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