Essay about The Black Cat By Edgar Allan Poe

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Writers utilize symbols in order to represent an idea or subject. The use of symbols is a way to communicate a deeper meaning and to employ an object to point to a different reality. The short story, “The Black Cat,” was written by Edgar Allan Poe in 1845. Poe tells a story of guilt, bad judgement, and mental deterioration. His short story is rich with countless different symbols representing these subjects. The narrator’s life is excellent up until the point where alcohol comes into his life. Then, he starts to abuse his animals and he mentally fades into insanity. Pluto represents the narrator’s life before he went crazy and his depraved judgment. The fire represents the narrator’s mental deterioration. The second cat represents the narrator’s guilt and insanity. In “The Black Cat,” by Edgar Allan Poe, Pluto, the fire, and the second cat represents the narrator’s mental deterioration from carefree and blissful to guilty and insane as a result of alcoholism.
Poe uses the narrator’s black cat, Pluto, to symbolize several ideas throughout the short story. The cat represents the narrator’s love and care for animals and how he was as a young boy and early in his marriage. The narrator “alone fed him, and he attended [him] wherever [he] went about the house. It was even with difficulty that [he] could prevent him from following [him] through the streets” (Poe 1). When the narrator was young, he loved and cared for animals. His cat, Pluto, whom he and his wife love dearly, is…

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