The Black Arts Movement : An Essential Element Of The Political, Economic, And Cultural Empowerment

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The Black Arts Movement was the name given to writers, black poets, dramatists, musicians, and artists who appeared in the wake of the Black Power movement. The movement was established by Amiri Baraka in 1963, who opened a Black Arts Repertory theater in Harlem. The movement was also provoked by the assassination of Malcolm X. The movement inspired black people to initiate magazines, journals, art institutions, and publishing houses. The black arts movement saw artistic manufacture as the key to re-evaluate black Americans recognition of themselves and was believed to be an essential element of the political, economic, and cultural empowerment of the black community. The movement really brought out a lot of creative artists to write, speak, and send out powerful messages. Literature played a huge role in the black arts movement. Artists such as Maya Angelou, Sonia Sanchez, Amiri Baraka, Larry Neal, and many more sent out powerful messages through writing, music, and etc. A lot of poets wrote about love, but they switched up once they found out that they could speak on issues that could make a big difference on people around them and the world. Literature provided new ways of comprehending and seeing what it really meant to be an African American at that time period. It made artists convey pride in African Americans, and influenced them to appreciate and accept their culture through art and literature. Artists influenced a lot of other artists to come together and speak on…

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