The Black And Black, By Gary B. Nash And The Other By Benjamin L. Carp

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Freedom then was not the freedom many Americans have come to know today, in fact, for many people of color during the time of the Revolutionary war, freedom was non-existent. Many scholars have chosen to acknowledge the fact that Native Americans, specifically, had many struggles during and after the war. Of these scholars, two articles, one written by Gary B. Nash and the other by Benjamin L. Carp have really caught my attention. “The American Revolution in Red and Black” by Nash was certainly an article to read, as he wrote about several important figures on both sides of the war; however, Carp’s “Nations of American rebels: Understanding nationalism in revolutionary North American and the Civil War South” was an article well worth the time despite the length. It appears when writing, Carp was interested in discussing more over-all affects of the Revolutionary war, how nationalism for those who did not necessarily choose to be involved with America came about and what it did for the people. Carp also chose to go as far as to focus on the Civil war, also, which calls for better understanding when considering what came next fro these people. In contrast, it is evident in his writing that Nash chose to discuss a few lives of those effected and give readers a closer insight, creating awareness of just how deep the effect of this war was. Looking closely at the reasons of which these two scholars decided to write these articles, it is clear that Gary B. Nash had a much more…

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