Essay on The Black And African American Community

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The families that this student interviewed have a very diverse background. Almost all aspects of life seems to be different in some way but in other ways they are alike. The different racial backgrounds included the African-American community, Koreans, and Hispanic families. There are various ways that their family plan to select a way for the elderly to be taken care of when they cannot take care of themselves. In the black or African-American community the goal is to take care of the elderly at home until it gets to be difficult or they have no other choice but assisted living. This community would rather that their elderly be put in a facility around others that they know and recognize. They say that this helps their family members be more active and sociable. Which a person could believe because if you are around strangers you will have to make friends with them before you could build a relationship. Sometimes the time is not there. There is a retirement age of 65 for most African Americans Hispanic families have no problem taking care of their seniors. It gives them pride to be able to make the right choices. According to Morgan, & Kunkel, . (2016). Caregivers sometimes experience stress and caregiver burden in conjunction with a high level or prolonged duration of care giving (p.128). Hispanics would rather for their parents to stay at home with them. They do not like the idea of putting them in an home. If in America the normal range of retirement is around 67.…

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