The Biting August Wind Stings Essay

1446 Words Oct 1st, 2015 6 Pages
The biting November wind stings our faces as we run for our lives. All that I can hear is the sound of my heart pounding, working overtime due to the newfound fear that has set over me. Xander matches my pace, determined not to let me out of his sight ever again. I suppress a shiver as I replay the events of the last day in my head. Earlier in the evening, my boss had me stay late at my job at Starbucks and lock up for closing. Time seemed to drag as a few late night customers came in for a drink. Finally, at nine o’clock, it was time to close. After cleaning up and turning off the lights, I locked the doors and went out to my car. By that point, it was the only one in the parking lot. I zipped up my jacket in a feeble attempt to stay warm in the cold winter weather. As I looked around the deserted parking lot, an uneasy feeling suddenly came over me and I got the sense that I was being watched. I started walking faster. When I glanced from side to side and saw no one, I expected to feel less uneasy. However, the feeling only got worse and I ended up running to make it to my car. As soon as I was safely in the driver’s seat, I locked the doors quickly and sat back to catch my breath for a minute. Trying to calm down, I looked around the parking lot one more time and, seeing no one once again, I went to put my key in the ignition. That’s when I felt someone’s hand cover my mouth from behind. My scream was muffled by the stranger’s firm grip. They wrapped their free…

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