The Bite Of The Mango Essay

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Children should never be victims of a war caused by man. Children of war experience horrendous situations which have the ability to scar them for life. In the Sierra Leonean Civil War, many children experience lack of food and shelter, the death of family and friends, as well as the loss of their innocence. In The Bite of the Mango, the main character, Mariatu Kamara is captured by the rebel forces fighting against the government in civil war, who maliciously cut off her hands. Mariatu learns how to live without hands and to live with the memories of the traumatic experience (Kamara and McClelland). Ishmael Beah, the narrator of A Long Way Gone, is recruited as a child soldier to defend Sierra Leone against the rebels. He commits horrible crimes while on numerous drugs, and witnesses horrendous acts of war (Beah). In The Bite of the Mango and A Long Way Gone, both narrators experience heinous tragedies which cause the loss of their innocence, but result in personal growth; however, Ishmael Beah exhibits greater personal growth.
The children of the war experienced family hardships due to the environment and situations. Mariatu did not live with her mom and dad, but instead with her aunt, uncle, and cousins in a nearby village. When the rebels attacked the village where she was residing in, she was out fetching supplies. She encountered the rebels who kept her bound for several hours only to cut off her hands. They sent her away and although she wanted to arrive safely in…

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