Essay on The Birthmark By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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In the short story “The Birthmark” the author Nathaniel Hawthorne gives the readers a quite cliché ending of a science experiment gone awry even in the mid 1800’s. The story zooms in on a young married couple; a vibrant scientist named Aylmer and his lovely wife Georgiana. Aylmer confesses to Georgiana that he isn’t fond of a small hand-like figure birthmark on her face. Aylmer believes he can remove the birthmark in a science experiment and make her as beautiful as nature intended her to be. Georgiana agrees to remove the birthmark in this experiment which ultimately leads to the removal of the birthmark, but also brings death to Georgiana. In “The Birthmark” Nathaniel Hawthorne creates the fictional character Aylmer whose misguided beliefs and his yearning control of nature ultimately leads to the thickening plot of Georgiana death. Aylmer misguided beliefs within himself ultimately contributes to the plot of Georgiana’s death because it can convince the audience that this is more than just an experiment gone wrong. Aylmer mixed identity becomes noticeable in the early stages of “The Birthmark “for example Hawthorne states, “After his marriage, - for he thought little or nothing of the matter before- Aylmer discovered that this was a case with himself” (614). Before Aylmer vowed to take Georgiana’s hand, he thought nothing of her birthmark so what changed? If Aylmer never began to feel this way about the birthmark Georgiana death could have happened in the latter, but…

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