Essay on The Birthmark By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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What is Love in "The Birthmark"
It is easy to see that the love between Aylmer and Georgiana in Nathaniel Hawthorne 's, "The Birthmark" is not a love that people seek to find with one another. One might even question whether it is truly love that they posses. Throughout the story, Aylmer proves that his love for her is unaccepting, and on the other hand Georgiana shows a kind of admiring love that he cannot comprehend. She welcomes everything about him and in return all she gets is a husband who hates the very existence of her birthmark that is placed upon her cheek. The mark that Georgiana once sees as a attribute is now a terrible complication that controls her husband and her marriage. A person might believe that the idea of love is accepting every little feature about the other person, whether it is inside them or a mark on their cheek. Aylmer and Georgiana have feelings for one another, but while Georgiana truly loves Aylmer his affection can only be explained by an infatuation not love.
From the first paragraph of the story, readers can immediately gather that Aylmer has only one true love which is science, and Georgiana could never replace that. Hawthorne goes as far as to mention that Aylmer, "could never be weaned from them by any second passage," and by "them" he means "scientific studies" (Hawthorne 340). Already, Hawthorne has established that Aylmer could never love anything or anyone more than he loves science, which makes Georgiana subjective to him and his…

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