Essay about The Birthday Of One Of My Best Friends

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We all want to live a long life and many do whatever they can to prolong their lives as much as possible. However, there are costs for longevity: Alzheimer 's, physical health problems, and financial restrictions to name just a few. The list goes on. To me, what has become one of the toughest results is losing others. Whether it be friend, family, or just an acquaintance, it 's never easy.
Today is the birthday of one of my best friends, Dan Watson. Dan was a good husband, an Air Force vet, and one the best people ever to have at your back. This past June was five years since Dan left us and today would have been his 67th birthday. I still “share” at least one Gentleman Jack with Dan every Friday night to continue the tradition we started a couple decades ago.
Two days ago, another long-time veteran friend passed. I met Paul Gary Eaton over 30 years ago at a veterans’ organization meeting. My mother was Jewish. His grandfather had headed a Klan group on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I thought Richard Nixon was an arrogant monster. Gary thought him to be a great leader. I had been in the Army. Though in the Navy, he was attached to a Marine infantry as a corpsman. I was a REMF in Viet Nam fixing electronic equipment and he spent his time in the field with a Marine combat unit. He was a conservative and I resided on the left side of the FM dial.
Of course, we instantly became friends.
Gary was a good man, and, like so many good men went gone to war, he had his demons.…

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