Essay on The Birth Order Of My Family

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For my genogram, I have chosen to include a large number of family members for multiple reasons. One of these reasons is that I have found that the birth order of my grandparents, who all have multiple siblings, has had a great impact on my grandparent’s personalities, which in turn has impacted my relationship with them. For example, my step-grandfather, Scott, and my paternal grandmother, Lea, are the older siblings in their families, which has given them a much stricter, militant personality. However my paternal grandfather, Ed, and my maternal grandmother, Vanessa, are middle siblings which has given them a softer personality, which I have been much more receptive to, and therefor have a much stronger relationship with - in fact, I have a matching tattoo with Vanessa. Additionally, I have chosen to expand on my step-father’s family of origin as opposed to my biological maternal grandfather’s side because he is not considered a part of the family, as he walked out on my mother and grandmother in her teens, and came back briefly into our lives when I was about ten, but has since been excommunicated again. The other reason I have chosen to include many extended family members is that I often bounced between living with these family members, as my immediate family was not always able to care for and protect me in our home. This has given me a strong bond with my extended family that I do not feel is there between my family of origin and I. When I was seven, a freak…

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