Essay about The Birth of Venus

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The Birth of Venus
Alexandra Smith
In Sandros Boticelli’s, The Birth of Venus, there were several different types of lines noticeable in the painting. There are actual lines to illustrate simple birds, and curved lines showing the edges of the shell. A lot of the lines were implied by the different colors next to each other. The edge of the trees and the leaves are shown by dark browns and greens against the blue sky. The hard lines of the edge, and soft lines in the folds of the fabric held by the woman who represents Spring in the picture, are illustrated by the shading of colors and contrast between the foreground and background. Lines in this photo also illustrate motion. The straight white soft line coming from the man, is
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The motion of Spring is implied by arms being out and open and feet as if they are walking. Daytime is mentioned by the lightness of the colors and soft blue sky. The illusion of light in this painting is evident by the shading of the colors and use of light colors. Chiaroscuro is shown by the gradations of the of light on the shell, the figures which show a light whiter color shaded to a nude color to imply curving rather than a line. The soft colors of the figures, water and shell give a strong value contrast to the darker colors to imply a shadow. The minimal light value contrast is shown in the water where the colors of the light blue to soft white are less intense. Color is very important to this piece. The color implies almost all of the visual elements as described above. It implies the reality that is wanted to be portrayed. Venus and the figures are colored to look like humans. All of the natural elements of the painted are colored accordingly. Color in this piece shows everything from motions, light, line, shape and mass. All of the texture in this piece is implied mainly by the use of color and lines. The cloth of Spring and the winged couple are shaded and lines are used to paint something that looks like fabric. The shell looks hard because of the colors, smoothness of lines, and shading. The principles unity and variety are illustrated by the use of color. There are several different hues to create variety and all complement each

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