The Birth Of Venus By Sandro Botticelli Essay example

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The Birth of Venus was born from the hands of Italian painter Sandro Botticelli. During the early era of the Renaissance, Botticelli was a famous painter, so well known that he was thought to be patronized by the Medici’s. It was through his connections to the Medici’s that he was commissioned to paint the Roman goddess Venus. ( Not only did Botticelli paint the Venus the goddess of love, and desire, he painted the beauty of an immortal deity into a mortal human form. With his organic lines and shapes, his display of movement, and his choice of colors, Botticelli was able to emphasize the focal point that Venus was. Botticelli was able to tell her story with his painting and depict the idea of true beauty. Though his style of painting tends to differ from the other artists of his era, Botticelli with his own methods was still able to encompass what he and others of that time thought true beauty was. When first looking at the painting of The Birth of Venus, the viewer would notice how the organic lines and shapes of the figures are slightly otherworldly. The lines and shapes of all the figures depicted are intricately curved, sometimes twisted. The lines of the body are more elongated. Since the lines lead to a more extended shape than natural human body, Botticelli brought a sense of a more exaggerated length in the bodies of the figures. One example is when looking at Zephyrus, the god of wind, on the right side of the plane. Zephyrus is carrying the nymph…

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