The Birth Of The Protestant Reformation Essay

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At one point in history the church, and even more so the Pope, was the primary power in Europe. The church was said to have control over all of people’s destiney, due to their direct link with God. People honestly believed that the Pope had a hand in their fate to either go to Heaven after death or to go to Hell. Therefore, they would seek the word of the church in almost every matter. However, this way of thinking would change for many people around 1517 with the birth of the Protestant Reformation. The protestant reformation was a religious movement that sprung forth after the Babylonian captivity of the Papacy and the Great Schism. The Babylonian captivity occurred from 1309 until 1377, during which seven successive popes maintained residence in France instead of Rome. These popes were strongly influenced by the French Monarchy and their strong ties with France served to make many people distrust the Papacy, such as Rome and England. Eventually,Pope Gregory XI moved the Papacy back to Rome in 1377, but he died soon after his arrival. This death resulted in Rome electing a new pope, Pope Urban VI. However, France did not accept the Roman Pope, therefore, they decided to elect their own Pope, Pope Clement VII. The election of two popes and, eventually three popes, leads to a great divide in the church with people taking sides with the different popes. The people’s respect of the church began to spiral down and the Papacy gained much criticism as well as distrust from the…

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