Essay on The Birth Of The Mother 's Brain

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It is proven that when a mother has a baby she is affected by it and biological changes happen in her brain. She starts to have a motherly feeling for her child and the need to take care of it. The biggest change in the mother’s brain is emotional and behavioral changes. The mother develops a need to take care of her child and make sure the child is healthy and meets all of its needs. We know that a baby creates biological changes in the mother, but do biological changes happen in the father as well?
Fatherhood changes a man’s life as well as their emotional feeling towards their offspring, making is similar to the mother’s “baby sense” towards her child. Unlike other mammals in the animal kingdom, humans are part of the 6% of mammals in which play an important role in raising their young. In these certain species, paternal care involves some of the same behavior as maternal care towards the offspring but with exceptions such as nursing. Since we know that biological changes also happen in fatherhood as it does in motherhood, how does the man’s brain change? Science has recently started to study the brain of the male in paternal care and has found that the mother and father both use the same neural circuitry in taking care of their young. The parents also both undergo hormonal changes in their brain that are similar to each other and link to the brain and behavior changes.
When someone becomes a father, the shape of his brain changes making it similar to the mother’s…

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