The Birth Of The Infant Essay

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It is evident that breastfeeding your infant exclusively for 6 months has an enormous amount of benefits for the mother and infant. When the infant is breastfed they will receive many more benefits than being formula fed. For example if the infant is breastfed they will notice less ear infections, SIDS, a decrease in obesity and in asthma. Infants who are breastfed for 6 months or longer appear to have better social and medical benefits. However when the mother adds drugs and alcohol to her body, they can affect the infant in the way they grow physically and mentally. Alcohol enters breast milk by passive diffusion and is shown in the mother’s blood within 30-60 minutes after consumption2. The amount of drug expelled from the mother’s body into the infant’s body solely depends on the drug being taken.3 Many prescription drugs transfer though the plasma of the cell and enter the breast milk. The same works for alcohol as well. The more alcohol a mother consumes the more alcohol the infants also consume.3 Current Research:
Since roughly two thirds of American women consume alcohol in their child beading years, researches wanted to study the impact of alcohol exposure on infants. Infants who are younger then 3 months metabolize about half as fast as an adult can. A group of researchers led an experiment where they took 14 women who reported consuming at least one alcoholic drink per week. The mothers ranged from 26-35 years old and the infants ranged from…

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