The Birth Of The Automobile Industry Essay

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One of the most significant growths during the 20th century was the birth of the automobile industry. This new advancement affected the daily life of the twentieth century American to a greater degree than any other technological development. (Rosentreter, pg.215)It began in 1896, when Charles King invented the horseless carriage and drove it down Woodward Avenue in Detroit. When Charles King joined Detroit inventor, Henry Ford, he earned international recognition. Ford would eventually become the world’s best-known automaker. Henry Ford was the founder of Ford Motor Company and developed the first affordable automobile. His invention of the Model T transformed transportation during the 20th century. He introduced the assembly line and was famous for his $5 workday. Another great pioneer of the auto industry was Ransom Olds. Olds was the first person in Michigan to produce automobiles in any significant number. He claimed to have invented his first steam car in the year 1894, and his first gasoline powered car in 1896. By the year 1904, Detroit was producing more automobiles than anywhere else. Then by 1914, 77% of the nation’s cars were being made in Michigan. The birth of the automobile industry stimulated the nation’s economy and employed thousands of workers.
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