The Birth Of Pregnant Woman Essay

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The topic I have chosen is about the reasons why normal birth of pregnant woman has decreased in America. Likewise I will speak of the reasons for the increase in cesarean in hospitals and analyze the reasons for infant mortality. Is it a coincidence? Is it politics? Is it money?. Further, the organization and website that I have chosen with its acronym MANA (Midwives Alliance of North America) will help me to provide accurate information and data to analyze these topics. Lastly, I will mention different ways that woman give birth in other countries and the reasons why we do not practice those ways in America that seems to be healthier and more effective.

MANA started in 1982 as a non-profit organization. The main goal of MANA was to accomplish a professional environment for all midwives and they will recognize the diversity of educational background and practice styles within the profession. Around this time there was a limited access to become a midwife. It was basically only for nurses. Over the years MANA has taken control of the market to secure optimal outcomes for future mothers and babies. Furthermore, World Health Organization statistics reveals that births attended by midwives have lower infection rates, fewer complications, lower Cesarean section rates, healthier outcomes, and overall a lower medical cost than physician attended hospital births.

First, we need to learn what is a midwives; they are trained professionals with abilities in assisting and helping…

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