Essay about The Birth Of Jesus

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Throughout the years, the tradition of celebrating the birth of Jesus has always been on December 25th, or as many people know it, Christmas. Many people believe it to be the date that Jesus was born. It is also believed that he was born in a wonderful nativity scene surrounded by animals and loving people. However, many scholars believe December 25th may not be the date of his actual birth and he might not have been born in a manger. These ideas are because of the conflicting stories between the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. To discover more about the birth of Jesus we will; compare the Gospels Matthew and Luke and discuss the components of his birth; such as, the date of his birth, where he was born, the star of Bethlehem, the magi, shepherds, the angels and why people believe it to be as it is today There are many theories as to why many celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25th; however, we are only going to discuss two of them. There two theories are per, C. P. E. Nothaft there are two theories as to why the date may not be December 25th. The first theory is the History of Religions theory and the second is the Calculation theory. These two theories are tremendously different. For example, History of Religion scholars believe that the tradition of Christmas is celebrated on December 25th because on the Pagan celebration of the Sun God Sol Invictus who supposedly took power on this day. The Calculation theory believes the “birthday of Christ was determined…

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