The Birth Of Birth Control Essay example

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When asked about birth control, Mrs. B laughed a little and said that was one place that this generation had made a pretty big stride forward. During the late seventies and early eighties, birth control was a lot harder for women to get prescribed. If they went to the doctor, he would ask a list of invasive questions and, if the girl with under eighteen, then inform the parents about their child attempting to get birth control. Abortions were something that was never openly discussed as an option for an unwanted pregnancy and Mrs. B said that if any women she knew had the procedure done they never spoke of it. Most women went through with the birth and then kept the child or put it up for adoption. She said that babies outside of marriage were fairly common where she grew up, so the couple was only frowned upon if both parents were still in high school. Whether they had a child or not, there were many young couples living together who were not married and it was starting to become more accepted when she was a teen. However, the older generations did not approve of living together before marriage. When we started talking about broad topics like culture and society, Mrs. B said she wished people would stop being so judgmental when it comes to sexuality. She said that she was a sixties baby and lives by the motto “If they aren 't hurting anyone then live and let live.” She wished more people would feel the same. However, though current attitudes are a lot different from when…

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