The Birth Of An Airline : Becoming Delta Essay

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The Birth of an Airline: Becoming Delta

The man in the video you just watched, is C.E. Woolman. He was an aviation pioneer whose career spanned the history of flight from jenny’s, two-seat trainer aircrafts, ("Curtiss JN-4 (Jenny) - Biplane Trainer Aircraft - History, Specs and Pictures - Military Aircraft, Helicopters and Drones") to jets. As principal founder of Delta Air Lines, he led its steady growth from the world’s first crop dusting company to a firm place of leadership among the nation’s scheduled airlines. ("C.E. Woolman")When the boll weevil threatened to destroy the South 's cotton economy in the early 1900s, Woolman, as a young district agent who had learned to fly an OX5 Jenny, made the acquaintance of Dr. B. R. Coad, a United States Department of Agriculture entomologist, the study of insects, who was working on the pest control problem in Tallulah, Louisiana. Together they came up with a solution of Calcium arsenate, a dry powder, being dropped from the air, Coad and his team of entomologists used army-loaned aircraft and pilots to design effective dusting equipment and conduct experiments on a regular rate of dust flow. In May of 1925 Woolman left the agricultural extension service because an aircraft manufacturer by the name of George Post convinced the management of Huff Daland Manufacturing Company at Ogdensburg, New York, to form a separate crop dusting division, Huff Daland Dusters. In 1925, Huff Daland Dusters headquarters were established at Monroe,…

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