The Birth Of A Mother And Father Essay

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Embryos were originally a sign of great joy to come to a mother and father but this view has changed drastically over the years. Most of the time they are still looked upon as little bundles of joy, but sometimes they are perceived as a mistake or a reason for making rash decisions. They often bring couples many troubles costing their relationship and ending in a breakup or divorce. Few couples that are not able to get pregnant look to other solutions including IVF for happiness, but this still does not always work out. This is when they are left in a situation where they must choose who gets to keep the children. In a divorce, custody of embryos should be given to the mother and not the father. Most do not know the term IVF until they need it. IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. This process takes place in a lab when an egg and sperm cell collide to make an embryo. Once they have created an embryo it can then be put through two different processes. It can either be injected into a woman to grow till birth or it can be frozen until it is needed. Pollet reports that in 1978 the first IVF child was born (Pollet 1). Many people refer to these types of conceptions as creating test tube babies, but this term is very inaccurate considering that these embryos are created in petri dishes. They also believe that this process affects a baby’s characteristics or brain. This process only differs from classical conception methods because the embryo is created outside of the body.…

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