Essay about The Birth Mark By William Shakespeare

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Characters are what builds a story and make it so unique. They are the reason in which someone can love or hate a particular piece of literature, without them who knows how interesting reading would be. Although characters can sometimes be just plain characters, it is their traits and characteristics what truly make out who they really are. A small character analysis while reading is always important in order to get a better understanding of their actions. In this essay Aylmer will be the character analyzed from the short story “The Birth-Mark”.
To begin with, the protagonist in the story Aylmer, was a brilliant and well known scientist, but his actions throughout the story was what gave him his selfish and rude appearance. He was a very intelligent man and it seemed like he had a way with words since he was able to persuade a beautiful woman to become his wife. Aylmer was very serious when it came to his scientific work and was willing to sacrifice whatever it took to get the results he had been wanting. Aylmer had a big weakness as well as a big strength that made him who he truly was as a person. Intelligence can be a huge part of someone as well as being a major strength. Aylmer had this strength and with it he was capable of being a respected scientist in the science community. He was able to explore the common aspects of the world for research. Just as beneficial his intelligence was it also took the best of him and unfortunately causing it to be not only his strength…

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